Partner Services

As an owner, developer and manager of commercial and multifamily real estate with a 46-year track record spanning numerous real estate cycles, The Simon Companies understands the diverse objectives and challenges of our clients. Our Asset Optimization Services were created to assess, implement and monitor solutions that adhere to the necessary equilibrium between maximizing profit, ownership’s asset strategy, changing market conditions, tenant satisfaction, financial constraints and proper capital planning and investment.
Our business and staffing model, paired with historical financial discipline and lean management structure, allows us to sustainably work with owners who will benefit most from our suite of services. We believe firms that rely too heavily on project volume will eventually spread themselves too thin, invariably leading to client dissatisfaction. We pledge to our clients that they will always receive the dedication and attention they deserve, and that our senior management team will always be responsive to their needs.
Our nearly half-century of experience as fiduciaries has shown us that success is dependent on the following key attributes:

  • Communication – We value fast and reliable client/tenant communication, responsiveness and follow-through.
  • Adaptability – Market conditions change. We carefully monitor those changes so that we can recommend a proactive stance and best response for you and your properties
  • Financial Reporting – Our reports are clear, concise and adaptable to unique circumstances. Each financial recommendation is accompanied with a detailed Cost-Benefit Analysis.
  • Senior Management – Our executives take an active interest and hands-on approach to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Stringent Preventative Maintenance & Capital Planning – Our approach is intended to maximize long-term asset value and extend the life of major systems in conjunction with the financial goals of each property.
  • Risk Management – We constantly monitor and evaluate policies and procedures to mitigate and protect against unforseen circumstances.
  • Buying Power – Our deep industry experience ensures your properties benefit from a trusted, proven and responsive vendor network.
  • Employee Selection & Training – Our property managers are ethical, proactive and receive training on new and emerging building technologies, local regulations and management best practices.
  • Investment in New Technologies – New products allow us to do the job more efficiently and the flexibility to customize our efforts to your needs.